Since 1936, Beta Mu Omega has provided numerous humanitarian services, performed countless volunteer hours, and made monumental financial contributions for the betterment of the Fort Worth community and the lives of its citizens. Previous projects and services have included health screenings, Red Cross donations, financial assistance for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita victims, the United Negro College Fund, and seniors’ centers.


Youth Programs

The Girls Math and Science AKAdemy was developed to enhance students’ awareness of the importance of math and science in school, everyday living, and future careers.


The Silhouettes youth group was developed in 2006, for girls in grades 6 thru 12. The objective is to develop self-respect and enhance self-esteem through monthly sessions held the first Saturday of every month.


Community Projects  2020

MLK Parade                                                         Monday, January, 20, 2020

Math and Science AKAdemy                              March 2020

ACTSO                                                                   March 2020

Black Dollar 365                                                  All Year Long

Reading Program (RIF)                                       June - August 2020

Shower of Love                                                    July 2020

Ronald McDonald House Dinner                        July 2020